Secure Bank Card Processing

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StoresOnTheWeb makes it easy for you to accept and process credit cards.

We can walk you through the process of getting a Merchant ID account and even assist in your applying for that account with a merchant services company. Once you've obtained a merchant ID, you can either process transactions manually yourself OFFLINE* or you can save a lot of time and process them ONLINE automatically using our Secure Transaction Payment Gateway.

If you choose to process the transactions online, we enter your merchant information into our secure transaction servers, and that's it!  When a customer submits an order for "Checkout", your StoresOnTheWeb catalog will obtain pre-
authorization automatically and return a confirming "Thank You" message complete with Order ID.  If the data was incomplete or the credit card was not accepted, a "We're Sorry" message will detail the problem.

You and your customer will receive emails outlining the new order.  Using a browser to access your Store Manager account, you call up a report listing unfilled orders.  You designate which of the orders are to be shipped and have funds collected.  Our Secure Payment Gateway connects to the credit card network, this time instigating the actual transfer of funds into your business checking account from your client's credit card charge account.

This entire group of orders is processed as a batch session.  Each batch session may be viewed at any time.  Reconciling month-end orders with bank deposits is a simple matter of matching batch session totals with daily EFT deposits on your monthly bank statement.

Manually entering credit cards into existing card terminals is only authorized for Mail Order - Phone Order (MOTO) merchant accounts.  Check with your Merchant Services Company to see if they allow this purchase application. If your merchant account requires a card-swipe at the point of purchase, you will need to obtain a MOTO merchant account.


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